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Wisdom Well Said
Paperback: 620 pages
ISBN: 978-0982388709
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Dr. Joseph Hankin
President, Westchester Community College
Valhalla, New York

As one who has spent a lifetime collecting anecdotes, humor, and wise sayings myself, I can appreciate a magnum opus like Wisdom Well Said. Charles Francis, who spent most of his career as a senior communications executive for the IBM Corporation, is a master story teller and collector.

This 620-page compendium ranges from Accounting to Youth, with Advertising, Books, Community Service, Truth, War, and Writing, among other topics, along the way. It is both light-hearted and serious. It provides a major source of material for speeches, annual reports, articles, etc. for those in any walk of life which requires communication. It also can entertain, inform, and amuse the general reader.

Among those quoted are the usual: Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain, Abraham Lincoln, and hundreds of others well-known to us, but also many whom we have scarcely heard about or from over the years. This book is a veritable gold mine full of useful material which should keep the reader busy for months to come.